There Will Be a Fierce War for Talent in the Next 12 Months.


Cushillo Personnel – Adding value as your recruitment partner?


There Will Be a Fierce War for Talent in the Next 12 Months.


A large majority of UK companies (86%) expect that recruitment will stay as competitive, or become even more challenging in the next twelve months. This is while 58% already say that the lack of skilled or qualified workers is their biggest challenge when it comes to hiring quality talent


It’s a case of supply and demand—with a diminishing talent pool becoming more demanding!


With this in mind it is clear that the recruitment industry needs to move towards a more dynamic and exciting way to attract, identify, and onboard the very best talent for their clients.


At the same time, employers and their recruitment partners face unprecedented pressure to deliver workforce flexibility and access to talent within limited (and sometimes reduced) resources. In this scenario, the further development of professional added value services is critical.


In this new environment it is imperative that your recruitment agency has a compelling added value proposition and that they can articulate this offering in an effective way to your business.


Our Value Added Services include:


Recruitment advertising campaigns

  • Monitoring the volume and quality of applications at each stage of the recruitment process.
  • Receiving and processing the responses/applications generated from the advertising campaign, whether by email, websites or direct mail.
  • Our investment in the latest recruitment technology allows us to integrate with hundreds of generalist, niche and regional job boards across the UK, ensuring your vacancy gets the maximum exposure.


Job profiling/descriptions

  • Systematic job analysis to ensure that competencies are accurately defined and reflect your organisation’s objectives so that accurate and consistent details are available for candidates and employees.



  • We meet every candidate before a candidate is sent for an interview or a temporary or contract assignment.
  • When arranging interviews, we always provided our candidates with full and relevant information regarding job requirements and client company information prior to any interview.
  • We represent your company, its brand and its culture in a professional manner.


Market intelligence

  • Advice on the employment related trends in the client’s market, area or sector which may affect their business, such as  benchmarking rates/salaries/benefits, availability of staffing;


Legal updates

  • Regular updates and free fact sheets are available to our clients or our website concerning new and pending legislation, or other changes so that clients are able to plan and manage their resources more efficiently and within the law.


Reference checking

  • Checking references for all temporary & contract staff, credentials, qualifications, right to work in the UK; for all levels of staffing including background research on senior candidates.


Retention support

  • Post Placement meeting offering support/advice to candidates once they have been placed, ensuring any initial problems are quickly highlighted and resolved and the candidate is fully integrated into the organisation.




  • Outplacement advice, Free briefing and assistance for employees scheduled for redundancy; including assisting with employee CVs, profiles and job applications.


Financial added values:

  • Competitive rates, market leading guarantees of service. Free Temporary to Permanent scheme.
  • Lower costs per appointment as a result of our investment in the latest CRM software and social media branding giving us access to or faster selection among more potentially suitable candidates.


The non-financial benefits include:

  • Greater confidence that the appointment will be the right person (lower risk of a failed appointment).
  • Lower risk of non-compliance with employment law and other regulations, which can, in extreme cases, lead to fines or disputes.
  • Higher staff quality and motivation where staff are better suited to their roles and the working environment.
  • Employer line managers also value the time saved and access to our expertise where our agency provides Value Added Service
  • We treat all company information as confidential, and not to be disclosed to anyone beyond those involved in the recruitment process. We safeguard your brand and your reputation, your most valuable asset. We operate with the highest principles of integrity.


Your company is safe with us!


To see how Cushillo Personnel can add value to your recruitment campaigns, please contact us on 01384 2260630 or email:

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